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After we brought Casey in to help, our sales team understood how to open conversations focused on the value of the results we deliver to customers, how to paint a target only our product can hit, and how to avoid setting traps for ourselves. We saw an immediate lift in the sales team’s energy, confidence, and conviction. This translated directly into performance advantages, such as selling at a higher unit price.
— Baron Schwartz- Founder, CEO, VividCortex

Casey is a true Executive demonstrating passion and leadership that inspires others to achieve excellence. Casey is bright and articulate while always going the extra mile!
— Craig Booth, Technology sales and channel professional
Casey is the best enterprise salesperson that we have ever had work with us.
— COO, Technology reseller
Once the target has been set effective leaders are able to compel individuals to achieve these goals and accomplish this vision.
I have known Casey Murray for over 35 years and can think of no better person that fits this description of strong leadership. At his core Casey is a teacher and it is this innate talent to teach and connect that separates him from his peers. He is a born leader who I have heard others describe as ‘born wise’ and the “smartest guy in the room”. If I was to build a new company he would be the first person I would call.
— Michael Sheward- Principal, - The Sheward Partnership
I can quickly identify a short list of sales professionals I would most like to model my career after, and Casey Murray is at the top of the list. Casey understands the complex relationship between business requirements and business politics found within Fortune 500 Enterprise organizations. His attention to detail and discipline toward Customer-Centric Selling produce successful, high dollar value projects with prestigious organizations.

Whether at work or at home, he is driven by an internal “self-actualization engine” that is contagious for those around him. He is a fair, patient and highly motivated leader who enables his team to be successful at achieving both professional and personal goals. I recommend Casey to any organization looking to obtain immediate, measurable results
— Chris Hildebrandt- Technology sales professional

We were trying to increase our win rate and specifically improve our demo to close rate.  We brought Casey in to evaluate our sales process. Having an outside perspective helped us see blindspots that had crept into in our sales methodology. Casey developed a sales flow diagram that improved our qualification process dramatically.
— Re:  Sales Strategy- Pat Kelly- EVP Sales, Workzone
Casey is always focused on ensuring that his team understands the business value that they are representing to their customers through rigorous and focused training mechanisms which in turn ensures that each team member is able to represent themselves as an expert in their field. He has a clear understanding of how to relate technical value to solve business problems which without fail resonates with our customers/prospects. He has been one of the primary drivers behind the success here at SevOne during which has overseen growth of no less than 7X and I am ever thankful for his contribution to both my personal and our company’s growth.
—  Seth Weinstock-  VP Financial Service Sales, Worldwide # 1 sales representative 
Our BDR team has seen improved results due to Casey’s involvement. The instruction and feedback he provides on cold calling efforts, understanding a prospect’s motivations, and selling the meeting have helped us more than double our pipeline’s size in one year. Learning from Casey has not only provided an immediate boost in front-end performance, but experienced BDR’s have successfully transitioned into producing Account Executives under his guidance, as well.
— Cory Siegfried- Manager Inside Sales Team and Sales Operations- Relay Network
Over the past 20 years, I have been a participant or an owner of implementing sales methodology. Hiring Casey to lead, coach and mentor our team has been a refreshing experience. He brings to the table his own experiences and successes as an enterprise sales leader. He is not following a stale methodology, or training guide, but adapts his own playbook to execute the sales strategy and coach team members individually.
Casey is extremely intelligent, articulate but most of all relatable. He has become an integral member of our leadership team and has raised the bar on expectations, ambition, and execution.
— Lisa Guillaume, CMO, Quench Beverage Inc
Thanks to the expertise and dedication of Casey, the inside sales team at SevOne was able to reach new heights. Casey guided the team on how to effectively approach new prospects, create needs assessments, handle pricing conversations and negotiations, and ultimately on how to earn the business of our target customers. He took a group of individuals with little to no background in sales or technology, and through his training, created a team of sales professionals that confidently and successfully approached Fortune 500 companies.
— Brandon Mahoney- Director of Partnerships- Carvertise
I have been working with Casey for close to a year and I highly recommend him as a consultant. Casey is a very talented consultant and has made a significant positive impact on our organization. Casey has been assisting with sales strategy, messaging, executive coaching, and sales team training and development. The benefits from our engagement with Casey have yielded results in new revenue, professional growth of our team, and now having a go to market strategy that is impactful and resonates with our prospect base. Additionally, Casey works with a sense of urgency and holds our team accountable for our key deliverables to ensure results are achieved quickly.
— Matt Loos, EVP, Business Development, ControlScan
Casey’s command over the sales messaging needed to accelerate wins is impressive. His commitment to outcome-based selling has created a strong foundation for our sales and marketing teams, and has had a measurable — and sustainable — impact on our win rates. Casey executes with precision at every stage. He builds trust with enterprise buyers by breaking down their challenges, inspiring them to consider solutions they may not have considered, and quantifying the cost of doing nothing. Casey establishes himself as a true partner in all aspects of his work — from how he bridges the gap between market messaging and sales execution, to how he guides prospects through their buying process with confidence and dedication.
— Brie Tascione, CMO at Relay Network