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Self-awareness sales seminar

Register here for this 2-hour live session delivered remotely via screenshare.

Each participant receives a customized report that highlights your sales strengths. Report includes how you communicate and how you like to be managed and your key motivators.


Before attending the live 2-hour seminar, each attendee will complete a short questionnaire that generates a customized coaching report and identifies your key strengths, motivations and behaviors. This report provides the starting point for how to increase your self-awareness.

Adapted vs Natural- The profile will also provide key insights on how you want to act on a daily basis while highlighting adaptations you have had to make at your job. These “adapted” styles indicate potential stress creators because they show a “mask” you have to put on at work to complete the job tasks. Over time, this stress leads to dissatisfaction because we all want to act as close as possible to our natural style.

Data shows that we understand others, better than we understand ourselves. This program includes a detailed self-assessment and personalized coaching report to help you understand your behaviors, motivations and competencies for selling. We will review these reports at the start of the live seminar.


You are going to win this sale, do you know why..


Part 1 of the live seminar will include a tutorial on how to read your buyers profile from their actions, words, email signatures, voicemails and body language. Use this data to improve your ability of gaining a connection with buyers increasing your chance of winning the sale.

Learn why some buyers insist on an agenda in advance and some buyers will never read an agenda if you send it. Learn which buyers you should chat with and which buyers you need to get the point quickly.

Learn why some buyers may not give you the buying signals you hope for but they are actually quite interested in your solution.


This guy is not a good sponsor and wont help you win the sale…


In the last stage of the seminar we will discuss how to connect with all buyer types. Knowing your own strengths and learning your “blind-spots” we will share how to gain endorsement of yourself and your ideas with all buyer types. By understanding how they like to receive information, what motivates them and their communication preferences, you can tailor your sales effort to ensure you make the best impression.

Win more sales by understanding yourself, understanding your buyer and identifying key habits that you have today that may be limiting your chance of winning with certain buyer types.


Live seminar = Self Awareness increases your ability to win sales- Click to register

Live seminar = Self Awareness increases your ability to win sales- Click to register