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 Sales growth strategies for B2B companies.  


Helping B2B companies win sales 

Selling a complex B2B solution requires effective messaging, sales execution and a clear value proposition.  But even if you have these items in place your team may still lose to someone who does a better job of selling "outcomes."   Customers purchase outcomes but sales and marketing teams continue to sell them features.  

At The Virtual CRO we take an outcome based approach to building a sales strategy. We immerse ourselves in your solution to understand the outcomes you provide to customers, and then we use these outcomes to drive the sales and marketing process for your company.  By translating your complex solution and converting the language to outcomes that customers can understand, we ensure you attract the right type of prospects who have a need for your solution. The core of our program stems from your answers to these three questions:

  1. What outcomes does your solution provide?

  2. Why are you uniquely qualified to provide these outcomes?

  3. How do these outcomes align to the prospect’s strategic goals?

Our sales programs have led to over $240M in B2B sales across a variety of clients.  By understanding what buyers need, to build a justification for purchasing your solution, we ensure that your messaging provides the information they need to make an informed decision.  

What outcomes does a Virtual CRO program provide?

  • Evolving a sales message from technical feature explanations to outcome based language

  • Creating sponsors who can sell your proposal within their company. (Internal sellers™)

  • Translating complex solutions into outcomes that each buyer persona understands

  • Communications audit- Reviewing your sales collateral, website, email marketing and presentation materials

  • Finding value leaks™ in your sales process that cost you margin and reduce profitability

  • Creating Movement Triggers™ to advance your sale to the next stage

  • Capturing customer use cases for the sales team to utilize when selling

  • Developing a sales playbook that clarifies which outcomes to present for each sales scenario

Areas of Practice

sales optimization- growth strategies

Our focus is helping B2B companies define your ideal sales prospect and then building a sales and messaging strategy that attracts qualified buying organizations who see value in your unique offering. By highlighting the outcomes that your solution enables, we remove the features and technical jargon that clogs the sales process and confuses the buyers.  With an outcome based sales strategy you present the outcomes that your solution enables and keep your customers focused on how their business benefits from partnering with your company.  

Sales execution

Managing an effective sales campaign to win new business takes a variety of skills:

  • Communication

  • Presentation

  • Qualifying

  • Negotiation

  • Forecasting

  • Challenging customers to think differently

We provide training for the skills above as part of our Sales Success program. 

Pipeline through content generation

After identifying the ideal sales prospect you have to build the messaging and content that will demonstrate your expertise and earn the trust of the buyer.  Today's buyers do 61% of their research before they engage a vendor directly.  Becoming an effective content marketer is your only path to creating inbound pipeline.   By focusing on outcomes and the use cases of your current customers, you give your prospects real-world examples of how your solution works.

Hiring and recruiting

Your company's sales success depends on the quality of your sales team. One sure way to accelerate sales is to get the right people in the right roles.  

We provide a valuable screening tool for candidates that predicts future sales success.  We also provide qualitative assessments of existing team members to predict their ability to meet sales and quota goals. 

Communications audit

  • Is your sales team delivering the message that you prepared?

  • Are they focused on outcomes or have they defaulted in technical speak and long lists of features.

  • Do they leave quality voicemails?

  • Can they write effective emails?

  • How well do they present in person and through remote conferencing?

managing a complex sale:

Developing a consensus within your prospect's company requires a variety of skills.  To effectively build a consensus to support purchase of your solution, you have to meet multiple buyer's criteria that varies across business units:

  • Technical improvements vs incumbent solution

  • Economic justification of making a vendor switch

  • How to overcome concerns from users who have concerns about the transition to a new solution

  • How to manage the risk of poor user experience while migrating to a new system

  • How to tailor your sales story to match each buyer's unique criteria for selecting a vendor

His ability to translate complex technologies into clear, concise sales messaging was transformative and an asset to me and our team at SevOne. Smart, fair, and direct, Casey has a proven and successful track record in developing highly successful sales teams that win. He is an incredible add to any Sales team.
— Joe Rosko- Regional Sales Director, SevOne


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Going to Market...Casey has an athletic pulse on the Technology Industry; what makes it tick and how to get industry leaders involved and keep their attention.
— --H. Mansor-Director of Marketing and Events- Software Industry