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As a six year-old little league baseball player our team needed to raise money to pay for uniforms.  Each player had to sell 25 raffle tickets to raise $25.  As an added incentive, any player that sold 50 tickets would receive a free green polyester ANH baseball jacket.  This was my first exposure to a sales accelerator. :)  Going door to door strikes fear in most hearts but I realized that my interest in earning the jacket outweighed my fear of knocking on a cold door.   After a few early sales, I powered through the neighborhood and sold all fifty.  From lemonade stands, to T-Shirts, sports marketing, online advertising to high-tech solutions, I have been selling ever since that season.  

In the last 20 years, I have taken a studious approach to the craft of selling.  I have read over 50 sales books and gone through a variety of sales methodology training programs and I have learned something from each experience.  Ultimately the best classroom is the real world and the lessons learned from winning and losing sales.  

I have personally sold over $40M of sponsorships, advertising, IT Solutions, Managed Services and consulting engagements in a 20 year sales career.  Teams I have managed have sold over $200M.   

Why am I in business? My greatest joy is helping team members realize their full potential and as a sales coach, I get the opportunity to work with motivated, talented individuals that want to improve. Seeing their success as they overcome fears, develop their sales confidence and win sales makes my work very rewarding.

Products and services sold include:

  • Sports Marketing sponsorships

  • Local Licensing for MLB

  • Television and Radio advertising

  • Pay per click internet advertising

  • Consulting services

  • Non-Profit fundraising

  • Sales training services

  • Resource Management software

  • Network Performance Monitoring

  • Customer Experience Management software

  • Machine Learning technologies

  • IT Security solutions

  • Networking, VOiP and Data Center technologies

  • Educational Curriculum

  • Compliance and Managed Security Services

  • Assessment and behavioral profiling software

I am excited to offer myself as an added resource to your team.  I look forward to learning more about your business.  Thanks for considering my services for your business.

Casey Murray




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Casey gained instant credibility by working directly with the product team to determine the target market positioning, working directly with the marketing team to fine-tune content and the sales pitch and then brought the value proposition and product to life through fine-tuning our sales approach. With Casey’s guidance, we have revamped our comp plan, our hiring process and have significantly increased the confidence level of our sales executives.
— Lisa Guillaume, VP Products at Relay Network