Sales and Marketing Growth Strategies

Why is your team losing sales?

By using a third party to interview your prospects and conducting post lost interviews you can gain valuable insight into how your team sold, why you lost and what the competition did better that resulted in a win.

Customer Interviews with prospects

Using a third party to interview your lost sales can uncover valuable information that you can use to improve your sales process and to develop training for your entire team.

  • Why did we lose that sale?

  • What did the competition provide that we could not match?

  • Did we get outsold?

  • What buying criteria did we miss?

Customer Interviews with existing customers

Your current customers represent the best source of "use cases" that you can share with prospects.  Learning how your product gets used by customers and hearing the outcomes that it enables provides your sales and marketing teams with the most compelling way to tell your story.  

  • How are you using the products today?

  • Were there any surprising use cases that you did not expect from the solution?

  • Did we fail to deliver any of the outcomes that you expected?

Having a third-party interview your customers to get their honest feedback on the solution shows your commitment to their success.  Many customers don't want to disappoint their sales representative and they will quietly begin the process of searching for a replacement rather than confronting the situation.    With a Virtual CRO customer interview we provide a unbiased forum to collect their feedback on the value of your solution and their likelihood to renew.   You get this valuable data before it's too late to respond to a negative situation.