Sales and Marketing Growth Strategies

Using assessments to evaluate sales teams

Predict the success of your field sales team with Behavioral Assessments and Job Benchmarks and screen candidates more effectively

Behavioral and motivational assessments help evaluate your current team and help screen candidates

“Competency assessments foster behavioral change because they provide data from an outside source about where salespeople’s skills need improvement. … For example, an individual’s skills and behaviors can be benchmarked against the best salespeople at his or her firm.” Harvard Business Review- December 2019. p 99. How to sell new products.

  • But how do you know if they can do the job?

  • How you do know they will stay motivated in their role?

  • Would it help you to have a behavioral assessment that has 93% accuracy for predicting their ability to succeed in the job?

The Virtual CRO provides a valuable candidate screening program that uses behavioral assessment techniques to give you a way to measure their skills, motivation and behaviors.  We work with your team to benchmark the job accountabilities and then we screen your candidates to assess how well they fit your desired profile.  

Sales Strength Assessment- Programs can include a detailed write-up for each team member that will highlight their behaviors, motivations and key competencies. This report includes coaching guidance on how to manage these employees, how they like to communicate and a list of “dos and don’ts”. This report gives feedback specific to the sales role and the key skills of prospecting, closing, negotiating and persistence. The report provides a valuable insight for sales team members and their managers to discuss.

Proof point: There is clear evidence that objective hiring powered by analytics and behavioral science (versus traditional interviews) leads to better hiring decisions and greater value creation. (McKinsey, 2018 study)


Communications Audit

Any customer facing position requires strong communication skills.  Your field team (Customer Success, Sales, Pre-sales Engineers, Inside Sales and Customer Support) all create an indelible impression on your customers and prospects.  

  • Are they giving you the best representation of your company?

  • Does your team speak the right language to get to the decision makers?

  • Do your emails, voicemails and presentations inspire confidence?

The Virtual CRO conducts a communications audit for any customer-facing team member.  This review evaluates your team’s language and the ability of your messaging to inspire confidence in your prospects and customers. 

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See your candidate versus a job benchmark

Benchmarking process includes interviewing stakeholder to design the perfect hire and the key attributes required to succeed in the role, at your company

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See a comparative report for multiple candidates

Quickly compare multiple applicants versus each other and compared to your job benchmark

Going thru a Sales Strength Assessment program helped me understand my own strengths as a salesperson but also to see some blindspots in how I interacted with certain buyer types. Sometimes it was hard to gain a connection but after the training from the Virtual CRO, I learned clues that helped me recognize how to communicate to all buyer types, not just the ones that were similar to my profile. I learned my natural weaknesses as a salesperson and where to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve my sales goals.
— — Chris G. National Account Manager- Relay Network