Sales and Marketing Growth Strategies

What is outcome based selling

Three steps to improving B2B sales. 

Outcome-based selling

Improving your sales starts with a close look at how well you explain the outcomes that you provide to your clients.  

  • Do you sell features and technical benefits but fail to put them in terms your prospects can understand?
  • Can your prospects remember a single use case after you present your solution?
  • Did you get the customer to acknowledge how their "future state" would improve by using your solution?

The Virtual CRO sales growth program provides you a workshop format to evaluate your current sales tactics and to consider how the buyer perceives your solution.  We start by defining the outcomes that you provide and work back to how you should present your solution, who you should target and determine who will value your solution.    

Building your Confidence Reservoir

Buyers perceive lots of nonverbal communication throughout the sales process.  Your body language, your tone of voice, your email word choice and your enthusiasm for the sales process all contribute to the buyer's perception of the product.  Winning a sale requires a confidence transferral  to take place between you and your prospect.  You inspire your prospect to believe in you, and your solution, and they in turn inspire their bosses, peers and co-workers to believe.  

  • What training have you provided to build a bulletproof sense of confidence in your sales team?
  • Can your team inspire confidence when a buyer compares your solution to the market leading solution?
  • How do you maintain the persistence necessary to overcome objections and rejections?

The Virutal CRO growth strategies program develops your organization's Confidence Reservoir.  This workshop exercise creates a working list of all the ways that your company provides value to customers.  Your field sales teams need to have a bulletproof level of confidence in your solution and your ability to support customers.  By developing a Confidence Reservoir you provide the talking points, use cases and customer wins that lead to better sales outcomes.  

Spotting Value Leaks in your sales process

Many sales teams have developed self-defeating habits.  

  • Are you unnecessarily giving the customer concessions?
  • Do you expect to provide discounts to win the sale?
  • Does your organization evaluate margin when establishing revenue and compensation plans?

The Virtual CRO follows your entire sales process and identifies areas where you "leak" value and undermine confidence in your solution.  By addressing these value leaks and rebuilding your internal belief in the value of your solution companies can realize as much as 20% improvement on the margin and profitability of your sales.